8 Major Steps to Ownership with Mikki Cardoza

The Home Buying Process

1. Find your purchase power

  • Meet with a lender.
  • Get pre-qualified.
  • Shop in your price range.
  • Discuss best options with your lender and Realtor®.

2. Choose your Realtor®

  • You have a choice.
  • We encourage a Realtor® who loves their job and who wants to work for you.
  • Find someone who is knowledgeable and you trust.
  • TIP: Sign a Buyer Broker Agreement. It’s a commitment to exclusively work together during the process.

3. Go shopping

  • What’s your dream home?
  • Share your criteria – it takes a team to find the right home.

4. Make an offer

  • Until your offer is fully accepted, anyone can make an offer and purchase the home.
  • Your Realtor® should already have systems and strategies to assist during any negotiations.
  • MONEY NOTE: Your good faith deposit money is due within 3 days of the accepted offer. Typically 1-3% of the purchase price.

5. Inspection time

  • Your Realtor® should provide the escrow timeline before the house.
  • You will also receive disclosures and need to shop for any insurance.
  • Now is the time to take a closer look. Your Realtor® can suggest professional home inspectors to find any possible defects.
  • MONEY NOTE: Inspection fees are due at the time of service. Prices can range, but typically budget $250 – $400.

6. Release contingencies

  • After you look at all the reports, disclosures, inspections, title reports, insurance bids, etc., you get a choice:
    • Continue to closing
    • Renegotiate
    • Run away (Get your deposit back)
  • TIP: It doesn’t hurt to ask for reasonable adjustments. The seller can not kick you out of the deal for just asking.

7. Wrap of the transaction

  • Time to sign escrow instructions and any loan documents.
  • Do a final walk-through with your Realtor®.
  • Transfer utilities.
  • Time to pack if you haven’t already!

8. Get the keys to your new home!

  • The title will be recorded in your name.
  • Celebrate!
  • Time to unpack.
  • Your Realtor® should follow up with your to make sure you settle in the near future.

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