A Humboldt County, CA Home Seller’s Guide

A Humboldt County, CA Home Seller’s Guide

You’ve decided it’s finally time to sell your home. This is a big decision, and often comes after years of deciding what to do next. Whatever your path is, this guide will give you specific information on how to sell your home quickly and for top dollar in Humboldt County, California.

If you’ve been wondering how to prepare your home for sale, the costs involved, or how to choose the best realtor for you, this guide will give you all the information you need.

The Stages Of Selling a Humboldt County Home

  1. Step 1: Prepare Your Property
    1. Determine your goals for selling
      1. What would happen as your home sells in a perfect world? Would it sell very quickly, or do you want top dollar to finance another stage in life? Are you hoping to close on your new home the same day this one sells? Be sure to write down your goals for selling your home, and share them with your realtor so that they can get you moving toward those goals as fast as possible.
    2. Clean and make updates to your home
      1. Go through your home and clean your house once…and then clean it again! A clean and tidy home will massively increase the number of eyes on your home, and the number of offers! Furthermore, having the home freshly repainted will make it look much more marketable as well. Make sure that fixtures, windows, and carpets throughout your home are spotless~!
    3. Stage your home
      1. Staging your home is a great way to give your home that extra appeal when potential buyers are sifting through the listings in Humboldt County. A staged home really stands out, and the statistics prove it out: According to the National Association of Realtors®, 31% of buyers increased their offer on a home 1-5% because the home was staged. 77% of buyers felt more able to see themselves moving into a staged home, and 40% were more willing to get in the car and visit a staged online find
    4. Get a pre-inspection
      1. Having a home inspector come and look through your home before buyers come is a great way to minimize surprises during the escrow and sale process. It’s never fun when the buyer comes back with an inspection report noting major damages to your home you were unaware of! A pre inspection will help overcome this issue early so you can plan for it now.
    5. How Do I Price My Property Appropriately In Humboldt County?
      1. The covid pandemic and many other changes to the economy have drastically changed the home market in Humboldt County. This means there are a lot of opportunities for sellers like you in this current market! It also means that it’s more important than ever to spend some serious time considering the right price to list your home for in Humboldt. Having an experienced realtor give you a competitive market analysis for your property with options for sales strategies is the best way to make sure you get your home sold on time and at a great price.
      2. A Competitive Market Analysis In Humboldt County

        How do we figure out the right price for selling your property in this current market? We want to find the highest price the market can bear and still close in a reasonable amount of time.

        Getting a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) from us will give you the tools you need to decide which sales price best meets your needs. It will give you an idea how your property compares to others that have recently sold. With that information in mind, you can come up with a price that matches your goals.

        By carefully studying the comparable property locations, features and the terms under which they are offered, we can develop a clear of the potential market for your property.



        What other properties do serious buyers have to choose from? How does your property compare in terms of location, features, updates, etc?


        What have sellers received in the last few months? What are lending institutions willing to lend a buyer for your property?


        What are properties are in escrow currently, and what are the terms of their sale? How do you want to respond to those trends?


        What is the price point that buyers are determining to be too high? How can we ensure that won’t happen with your property?

  2. Step 2: List your property and get an offer
    1. Once you’ve prepared your home, and done research to get the right price, it’s time to list your property! A great realtor will start marketing your home on the internet and elsewhere now, and will also start to schedule open houses, and personal showings for interested buyers. There are a few important things that you as the homeowner need to be sure to do at this point. The sale of your home depends on it!
      1. Leave your home and keep it neat and tidy for showings- a tidy home looks like one a potential buyer can move right into!
      2. Respond to, and negotiate offers- be sure to work with your realtor quickly to negotiate offers so that you can get your home sold fast!
      3. Accept the offer that works for you!
  3. Step 3: Accept an Offer and Enter the Escrow Process-
    1. Once you’ve accepted your offer, your home will enter what is called the “escrow process.” Escrow opens once both Buyer and Seller accept and sign the negotiated contract. The Buyer then delivers their Good Faith Deposit to a neutral third party (typically the title company) while the buyer orders inspections and gets their mortgage approved to close the deal. Once you’ve reached this exciting stage of your home sale, you have a few responsibilities.
    2. Disclose what you know about your property
      1. If there are any issues with the home, easements or other items that are important, be sure to share them with your realtor quickly.
    3. What to do if the buyer wants to renegotiate after an inspection?
      1. If the buyer wishes to renegotiate after the inspection, you’ll need to work with your realtor and see if the new offer still meets your initial goals. This is why it’s so important to write down your goals at the beginning of the sale process! See if you can either accept their amended offer, or come back to the buyer with a counter offer that they will accept.
    4. The final walk-through of the home
      1. Clean your home, and make sure the home is ready for the final buyer’s inspection before closing.
  4. Step 4: Closing
    1. Empty and clean your home- it’s time to move out!
    2. Stop billing on utilities- no reason to pay for the buyer’s heat and electric!
    3. Move out and move on- you’re ready to move onto the next stage of your life!!

What will my realtor do for me as I sell my home?

  1. A great realtor will not just sell your home for you, but will help you navigate through the home sale process to help you easily move onto the next stage of your life, whatever that may be. A good realtor will help you determine a good selling price based on your goals and market your home to interested buyers. They will show your home, and schedule open houses so that your home sells quickly and without fuss. Most importantly, they will help you navigate through the escrow process and make sure that there are no issues as you approach closing. Finally, as you get ready to sit across the table from the buyers and sign your closing paperwork, the realtor will be there to make sure that there is a smooth transition into that next stage of your life, no matter what that may be.

How do I choose the best realtor?

Many homeowners think they want the “top selling realtor” in Humboldt county to sell their home for them. Since he/she has the most sales, he or she must be the best, right? The best selling realtor may not be the best one for you! A realtor-seller relationship is about the realtor being willing to help you reach your own personal goals in selling your home.

  1. Find a realtor that is willing to work with you on your specific goals for selling your home.
    1. Choose a realtor that understands your specific goals. Looking for realtors that are certified in Online marketing of your home, and are Diamond Certified will be the best realtors to work with.
    2. Realtor relationships last many many years/a lifetime, so be sure to pick a realtor you enjoy working with.
    3. Choose a realtor to work with early and let them get to know you. That way they’ll really understand your goals for selling your home, and will get you to that goal faster.
    4. Don’t choose a realtor that promises to sell your home for more than it’s reasonably worth. IF it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Sometimes you just have to walk away.
    5. Make sure your realtor understands Humboldt county, it’s ups and downs, and what is needed to make a home sell fast in this area. Choosing a realtor who has lived in the area for many years will give you the best advantages here.
    6. Tech Savvy realtors will get a home sold faster. Folks look for homes on the internet now. Finding a realtor who is ready, motivated, and certified to sell your home online is pivotal in the current economy. 
    7. Make sure you get along with your realtor! You will be working closely with them for months.
    8. Certifications are important! Some to look out for in a great realtor are:
      1. National Association Of Realtors
      2. Seller Representative Specialist
      3. National Association Of Realtors- Pricing Strategy Advisor
      4. e-PRO Certified Realtors
      5. Military Relocation Specialists
      6. Diamond Certified Realtors

No matter what certification you’d like your realtor to have, or what home you’re looking to sell in Humboldt county, Mikki Moves is especially suited to help you sell your home on time and for the price you want. To schedule a free consultation, fill out our contact form HERE.

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